Taker | $KARAT
2 months ago
Yo @EricCryptoman , wanna check #KARAT , the Golden Inu with a Golden Community?
Rocket Reis
2 months ago

Tg: t.me/KARAT_Erc20_Portal

Twitter: 24Karat_Inu

Website: twentyfourkaratinu.com/

Medium: https://medium.com/24Karat_DEV/the-golden-inu-karat-398d66e863b7
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Jon B
2 months ago
$KARAT 24k INU is the only golden Inu!! #KARAT
Taker | $KARAT
2 months ago
1st tweet on Genesis, feeling good, ready to spread #KARAT 's word in here aswell!
If you don't know, #KARAT is the first golden inu on the market, bringing wealth and prosperity to those who are ready to follow it.
Hard working community behind it, trying to make as much things as possible organically.
You can check us out here :
Chart : https://www.dextools.io/app/en/ether/pair-explorer/0x92c533997a9e33d5e59ba20c073c09c304409297

Telegram: http://t.me/KARAT_Erc20_Portal
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King Mob
5 months ago (E)
If you like crypto passive income and have seen MEV bots rekking people in your favorite project, you should seriously check out


Been in development for over 3 months, but it's almost time to GO. Multiple streams of income based on advanced MEV Bot making trades multi-chain and kicking all the profit back to holders. This could blow up big.
#Passiveincome #MEVBOT #AZTEC #100x #GEM #CityOfGold
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Simon Sigg
5 months ago
The Temple of gold shall soon open it‘s doors.


Botting as a service - Multiple legs of revenue - Passive income



Join Joe and Chiro to the party @Cryptoskull
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Kermit the Shiller
5 months ago
Okay, waiting on the $SER spaces on that 'other' platform.
Summary of today:
Dipped into: $ID, $PEPITA and $WHY

All three reasonably sized bags. If they shoot to 1M I'll be golden. Again.
CrpSensei NoTeeth
5 months ago
$WCI - juicy dip, golden time for those who missed yesterdays rally

Understand the power of $$$ and how we all attach to it just to make unbiased decisions at times where we should just "step away" from "it"

Stay collected. Don't get mentally handicapped. Stay blessed.
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Decentra Ville
6 months ago
#Ape is one of the playable characters in decentraville. They will come in gold or albino #nft versions

Developer X ..
6 months ago
Just bought baby golden retriever. Let's see if it does a few xxs
CryptoSkull ze last bull standing
6 months ago
$BGLDN 2x now and counting. ATH

CryptoSkull ze last bull standing
6 months ago
Took a gamble on this $BGLDN 70k mcap website already live.

Chart: https://dexscreener.com/ethereum/0xa619e92c4c34c29a229d0cd635cb98c20440e1e4
Website: https://babygoldenretriever.com/
darth vader
6 months ago
I think The biggest players in the next bullrun will focus on data security, things like ocean protocol are going to do big big things for mass adoption when people realise that your data is the most valuable asset. Worth more than gold, oil or any mineral you can find. Once we have the power to monetize our data and control the usage in a more direct way we will see lots of changes in how social media works as well.
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6 months ago
#BTC just held critical support this morning on the 4 hour. Came back to retest for the 2nd time

With #trading , 1st time nobody knows, 2nd time everybody knows. If it confirms, usually gold

The last time we got up here we couldn't hold it Green candle up, red candle down. Look at the blue line (critical level) and look left

This time we have a capital N pattern. This current 4 hour candle close would be the first sign of confirmation that this level has flipped to support, instead of resistance

That's a bullish sign, but use with other indicators.

Not financial advice
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