Lady GC1
5 months ago
Well, Twitter account suspended for sHILLING $KIBA. SUPER STUPID
Dustin Michael
5 months ago
Don't know how many support $KIBA or remember last year how $KIBA ran. Well $KIBA is a year old now and bottomed out. Making it's reversal. 5M MC we know what it did before and never quit building and the OG's are even stronger than ever up 50% in 24hr's. Just sharing feels good to see and have the excitement back for this next run just now starting. 💯 💪 what you think boss @Cryptoskull
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Zahkul Zahkul
6 months ago
$KIBA Paving the floor at around 3 million market cap. True utility here, hell more than just a meme. Fasten your seat belts for next bull season...
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Crypto Brypto
6 months ago
My current bags for next bulla:

#POM / ETH20

No huge bags, but gimme ONE 1000X and I'll fuck right off. LFG.
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Crypto Alex
6 months ago
$KIBA is really something else. #KIBA keeps trending daily in several categories such as #nft with an amazing rare collection with only 111 #nft called the Genesis Collection. with an amazing marketing ( Upcoming Gonzaga Bulldogs NCAA in November ) and a vibrant community i can only say that i will enjoy the ride during the bullrun.
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