Crypto Influencer
5 months ago
$MRI MFC!!!!! Watch the fights here. It’s gonna be better then ufc
MFC 1: The Great Beginning - First EVER #Crypto-based #MMA promotion FIGHT NIGHT LIVESTREAM - YouTube

Marshall Fighting Championship powered by Marshall Inu makes its highly anticipated debut in Brezno Slovakia today at 12:30 EST. MFC will mark history as the...

Crypto Honey Badger
5 months ago
With the app due any day and #MFC fight sponsorship on the 29th, these prices will never bee seen again. #GenBlok ⚡⚡⚡
5 months ago (E)
Here to catch some mfckng x100, anybody in the club?? #genblock #100x #crypto #1000xgem
Flash Point
5 months ago
Nice bounce from this mornings dip! I unfortunately didn't have funds cleared to get in but hope some of y'all got to eat.

More eyes on #GenBlok than we realize and things moving behind the scenes. Imagine when marketing actually kicks in?

⭐️ 1440 holders
⭐️ App store and play store end of month
⭐️ Premier sponsor of MFC1 (Mri's first fight promotion on the 26th)
⭐️ Military grade servers coming to the platform
⭐️ Company registration submitted
⭐️ $Genblok will be used as a payment method on genesis


#crypto #1000xgem
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Marshall Inu
6 months ago, a unique hub to keep abreast of the most relevant topics and news from around the world!

A new long-term sponsor/partner of the #MFC , GenesisBlockEth is creating the next geИ sociaϞ media for the peopϞe iИ #crypto - by the peopϞe iИ crypto - #GenBlok 🔥
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Brown One
6 months ago
Stay tuned for #MRI #MFC debut coming up October 29th 2022.

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